The world of social media is constantly evolving. So there are always lots of news. To keep you updated, we publish news on our channels every day: so here is a review of the main Social news of the week.

1. New earning opportunities for celebrities on Facebook

Facebook is building a new video product. It allows people to pay creators or celebrities for a chance to interact with them on a live show.

The tool, called Super, will allow hosting live interactive video events. So viewers will be able to pay to “appear” next to a creator during the live stream to ask a question, take a selfie. It all about Social news this week review.

2.Instagram adds new options to the Reels

Instagram has added new creative options in Reels:

  1. update of “Audio Mix” and “Voice-over”;
  2. upgrade of the option “Edit clip”.

However, Instagram has also tweaked some existing features, expanding the launch of its Branded Content tags.

3.The YouTube ranking

Forbes has released its annual list of the best YouTube earnings of 2020.  So once again, is led by Ryan Kaji, founder of the popular channel “Ryan’s World” and who is now only 9 years old.

However, Kaji’s videos mainly consist of unboxing toys and lighthearted clips. Moreover, its vast monetization opportunities are clear from the view count. According to Social news this week review.

4.Twitter resets retweets

Twitter has restored the old retweet mechanics. So now by pressing on the retweet button, the social network will no longer show the quote suggestion.

Moreover, the change was applied in early October ahead of the presidential elections in the United States, with the aim of encouraging people to learn more about what they were sharing. It’s all about Social news week review.

“Unfortunately,” Twitter writes in a series of Tweets, “although the use of quoted tweets has increased, 45% of them included one-word statements and 70% were less than 25 characters.” A sign that the instrument did not convince.


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